The Colorado court system takes driving while intoxicated very seriously, and with good reason, considering how many needless deaths are caused each year in car accidents where alcohol is involved. This is what makes it so important, if you
are facing DUI charges, to find an expert lawyer to handle your drunk driving defense in Denver.  A number of common technical and handling errors can occur with the equipment used to determine your blood alcohol content, and a skilled lawyer knows what to look for in the records of your arrest to find any ways in which your case was mishandled and bring them to the courts attention.
Iyer Law Office has helped countless area clients who have been charged with drunk driving to have their charges dropped and allowed them to keep their freedom and their right to drive.  Even if you are found guilty, there are steps
that we can take to manage the consequences, reducing sentencing and saving your driver’s license from revocation. All in all, it is vital to call us or contact us through our website right away if you are charged with drunk driving, so that we can start helping you as soon as possible.