A DUI arrest is a terrifying experience.  Even if there hasn’t been an accident, you are suddenly facing possibly serious legal consequences for your lapse of judgment in thinking you were fit to drive when you were not.  A good way to make it less frightening is to have a lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases on your side in your DUI arrest in Denver, like V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office.  Our office can help guide you through the aftermath and legal process of you or your loved one’s DUI arrest, offering support, information, and helping build a strong defense against your charges, often reducing them or having them dropped in some cases.

 If you call us right away when you are arrested for a DUI, we can immediately start gathering information and defending you against your charges, no matter how intimidating they may be.  With our help, many people have been able to put their DUI arrest in Denver behind them and move on with their lives with a minimum of long term legal consequences.  Let us protect you from loss of license, expensive fines, and possible jail time from your unfortunate DUI arrest in Denver.