Iyer Law Office recently helped a client who had received their third DUI with a BAC of 0.157. Our client was facing up to nine months in jail. At the Motions Hearing, the DA was unable to produce any evidence sufficient to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause and we got all of the evidence suppressed. Once all the evidence was suppressed the DA was unable to prosecute and decided to dismiss the case which included DUI, DUI per se, and a cracked windshield.
Our client was totally surprised that all the evidence the police claimed they had was now suppressed and his DUI case was dismissed. The client had thought that since the police issued him a ticket, he must be guilty. This is far from true! We always believe that our clients are  innocent until the police and prosecution prove all elements of each charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ironically, our client, at first, was handling his case pro se. However, his close friend (our former client) and his girlfriend insisted that he hire and retain us. That made the difference between a guilty DUI plea with 9 months jail and dismissal of all charges with no jail. The dismissal brought a smile of gratitude to our client’s face. This case had been going on since late 2010. We fought and fought till we got a dismissal. We never gave up and never surrendered.