If you have been charged with drunk driving, your best possible outcome is to get a dismissal of your DUI charges with the help  of a top notch lawyer.  Iyer Law Office in Denver has plenty of experience with DUI dismissal, and we know exactly what to look for to convince the court to drop your charge. Obviously not every case will be able to achieve a DUI dismissal, but if it is possible in your situation V. Iyer and his team will find a way.  Even if we can not get your DUI dismissed, we can usually help to get your sentence reduced, hopefully avoiding jail time, lowering your fines and increasing the odds that you will keep your license.

Iyer Law Office is Denver’s expert on DUI dismissal and defense,  and we’d like to use that expertise to make this difficult time a little bit easier for you.  Having a lawyer with specific experience in DUI dismissal means you have an edge when going before the court, making it far more likely that you can get past this trouble with a minimum of damage to your life.