Finding the right law firm to handle your DUI case may be the most important decision you can make to alleviate or remove the possible long term legal consequences of your DUI case.  Hiring a top of the line, experienced in DUI law firm like Iyer in Denver can greatly reduce the severity of your sentencing or even get your charges dropped entirely, making it that much easier to put this all behind you.

A DUI on your record can have effects far down the road, even beyond the legal consequences, as more and more employers, colleges and other interested parties have access to your criminal record, and it may influence their decision.  The better the law firm helping you with your DUI, the better the odds that you can keep that record cleaner, with lower charges if any at all.   Getting a budget lawyer or even representing yourself may seem cheap at the moment, but in the long run, you well pay dearly for not hiring a law firm with a deep understanding of the specific details of the complex laws surrounding DUI cases.  V. Iyer has experience in the Denver DA’s office, so we know DUI law from both sides.