In a DUI Manslaughter case, you are going to want to have the most informed and expert defense attorney available behind you.    The legal team at Iyer Law Office in Englewood Colorado is headed up by V. Iyer, who worked as a district attorney before turning to defense, and uses what he learned from the DA’s office and prosecution techniques to provide intense, reliable defense to his client.
Of course, a situation where you need a DUI manslaughter defense attorney is going to be a traumatic and difficult time, but with a trusted team like Iyer Law Office you can at least let us help you make the best that we can out of an awful time, and keep the consequences of a poor legal defense from piling up on top of the other consequences of your DUI.  The quality and experience of your criminal defense attorney in a DUI manslaughter case can have a huge effect on the outcome of your charges, frequently resulting in shorter jail times for our clients.
Obviously, no one can completely save you from this unfortunate situation, but we can at least make it somewhat easier for you and your loved ones as you go through the legal system.