When you need a DWAI defense attorney in Denver, V. Iyer is your best choice by far. With extensive experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, he knows both sides of the law and the techniques that are most likely to be used against you, and the most effective ways to counter the prosecution’s moves.

As your DWAI defense attorney, V. Iyer will doggedly work to defend your rights and do everything he can to reduce your charges or even have them dropped entirely, saving you from jail time, serious fines and loss of license.  It’s important to have a lawyer who understands the subtleties of DWAI defense, and has proved that they have the strategies to succeed in the courtroom, and V. Iyer is just that DWAI defense attorney for Denver clients.
Defining the differences between DWAI and DUI and determining how to proceed with each is very complicated, and having an expert on your side to help clarify exactly where your case actually stands is one of the most effective ways you can defend yourself and avoid long term life altering consequences, so call our office right away for the help that you need from a DWAI defense attorney if you are arrested.