“White Collar” crimes such as forgery, fraud and embezzlement can carry severe penalties including prison time, just like any other felony, so it is vital to have an excellent embezzlement defense attorney helping you if you are charged with these types of crime.  Iyer Law Office should be the first phone call you make if you are arrested and need an embezzlement defense attorney in
, because we have extensive experience handling cases involving white collar crimes.

 V. Iyer worked for years prosecuting crimes for the DA’s office before turning to private practice to help defend people when they are in trouble, and during that time he became intimately familiar
with how the prosecution handles crimes like these, giving him insight into how to defend against the strategies the state uses when trying to get a conviction.
As your embezzlement defense attorney in Denver,  he will take the time to hear and understand your side of the situation and find the most effective ways to communicate your point of view to the courts to provide you with the fairest possible trial.  We have the skills and strategy to offer you the best embezzlement defense in Denver, so call us when you are in trouble.