At Iyer Law Office, we will defend a felony domestic violence charge using every resource and skill we have obtained over the many years of criminal defense in Denver. We have developed quite an arsenal of effective defense strategies that have proven beneficial for our clients in Denver.

Dealing with a felony domestic violence charge can be a very precarious situation especially due to the sensitivities surrounding every domestic violence accusation. That is why it is essential to secure a defense attorney that knows the many intricacies of the law and how it operates in Denver. V. Iyer is the attorney you want to defend your felony domestic violence charge in Denver. His years of experience with this exact circumstance give him the upper hand in the courtroom.
V. Iyer offers solutions that benefit his client and always advocates reduced and eliminated sentencing. He is an exceptional resource if you are facing a felony domestic violence charge in Denver.  At Iyer Law Office we respect our client’s rights and fight for them no matter what. Call Iyer Law Office today and experience the difference.