Crimes of fraud and embezzlement, also known as white-collar crimes, are serious crimes that require an experienced defense attorney. V. Iyer is Denver fraud and embezzlement attorney who will work to prove your innocence or lessen your charges. Iyer Law Office  provides you with a former deputy district attorney who has the experience needed to defend your moral reputation during your case.

Forgery is one of the main fraud charges that we see as Denver fraud and embezzlement representation. Forgery charges can include a wide variety of crimes, from forging signatures to creating false wills, deeds, contracts, and stocks, as well as counterfeiting money. The prosecution must prove that you intended to defraud someone. Iyer law Office provides you with an attorney who works to prove that you had no malicious or unlawful intent.
Iyer Law Office is the Denver fraud and embezzlement attorney who is ready to defend you in court. If you are facing fraud and embezzlement charges, give Iyer Law Office a call at 303.337.0473.