Charges such as fraud and embezzlement are handled very harshly by the court system, so it is essential that you get a defense lawyer who is experienced in working with these types of crimes. Iyer Law Office provides truly skilled and informed defense for fraud and embezzlement charges in Denver, researching every avenue of possible strategy in order to protect your rights when you are facing these serious allegations.   Without a well crafted defense, fraud and embezzlement charges can result in prison time, so getting the best attorney you can find is an absolute must.
V. Iyer has experience from his time working on the prosecution’s side in the DA’s office for years,  so is as intimately familiar with the techniques and strategies that the state may use against you as he is with defense law, providing a double sided defense for your fraud or embezzlement charges.  We’ve represented clients from all walks of life in Denver’s court system against charges like this, and have helped many of them to get their charges dropped or reduced by presenting a powerful fraud and embezzlement defense, so if you are being accused of these types of charges, call Iyer Law Office right away.