Harassment by definition is “the act of systematic and/continued unwanted and annoying action of one party or group including threats and demands.”  Harassment can happen in many ways, sexual advances, racial prejudice, illegal pressure to collect monetarily or sadistic pleasure from making another person fearful or anxious.  The Iyer Law Office has extensive experience as a harassment defense attorney in Denver. If you have issues with harassment don’t wait to give us a call.
Any of the above actions may be basis for a lawsuit. The Iyer Law Office offers experienced and compassionate harassment legal representation and has provided resolution to numerous clients victimized by harassment.  We will investigate your claim with the diligence that it deserves.
Attorney Iyer was a former prosecutor with insight to both sides of the courtroom.  He has gained valuable knowledge in all stages of criminal law and strategy, successfully prosecuting thousands of court cases. Our reputation is based upon the trusted and the long-lasting relationships we build with our clients.
No one deserves to experience the harmful effects of harassment. If you feel you are experiencing harassment call the professionals for help.  We are experienced in fighting for and protecting your rights. If you are the victim of harassment and need a harassment defense attorney in Denver call the Iyer Law Office today.