Hiring the Right Criminal AttorneyIf you find yourself facing criminal charges, hiring the right criminal attorney becomes critical. At the Iyer Law Office in Denver, we know that hiring the right criminal attorney can mean the difference between winning or losing your case. Your lawyer will be your advisor as you go through the criminal process,your advocate dealing with the prosecutor, and your defender in court. But how do you find the best lawyer for you? Hiring the right criminal attorney depends on a few key factors.

Specialize in Your Area of Law

Criminal attorneys handle many different kinds of cases, including juvenile, misdemeanors, and felonies. When hiring the right criminal lawyer, you want one that has experience and knowledge with your kind of case. You will want a lawyer who specializes in that field of law. Their skill at handling your particular case can help reduce your charge to a lesser offense, reduce the punishment, or dismiss the charge.

Ask Family and Friends

The first place to start is to ask your family and friends. If someone has personal knowledge or experience of an attorney’s skill or success, that’s always a good place to start. If you know an attorney practicing in another area of law, they may be a good person to ask for a referral. It’s usually best not to base your choice of attorney on a TV ad.

Internet Research

Many sources on the web can help you in hiring the right criminal attorney. There are lawyer directories, legal sites with client reviews, and groups that rank attorneys.  You can also search the attorney’s name and review information about past court cases.

Experience in Your Area

The Iyer Law Office in Denver recommends finding out if the attorney you are considering has experience in the court where you will be tried. In the request for dismissal and plea bargaining stages, it is important that your attorney knows the players and has a good reputation.


Once you choose a few attorneys that meet your criteria, ask them for a consultation. Most attorneys do not charge for the first consultation. A meeting allows you to put questions to them about their legal approach, whether or not they will personally be handling your case and going to court with you, their education, their experience, their area of legal expertise, client references, and their fees.

Beware of Promises

Iyer Law Office in Denver warns that no attorney can guarantee you a particular outcome from your case. Even an attorney’s high success rate does not guarantee success for your particular case.

An Attorney that Listens

Hiring the right criminal attorney means one that will listen to you and offer you their best advice, explaining the options and making suggestions.

Open Schedule

You should consider the attorney’s schedule as you go about retaining the best lawyer. If the attorney is in the middle of a large trial or has taken on too many clients, it may make it difficult for them to spend the time necessary on your trial.  You may find that it is also hard to reach them when you need to speak with them.

Reasonable Fees

Make sure the prices quoted are reasonable and that you clearly understand when and how much money is expected. Your best leverage on the fee amount will be at the beginning.

Hiring the right criminal attorney is imperative. Following these steps will help you find the best lawyer for you and your case.