If someone you know is facing a hitandrunDUIcharge in Englewood, this is an exceptionally serious matter that needs your full commitment to deal with.  The best thing you can do is immediately call Iyer LawOffice for urgent legal advice.

V. Iyer is an experienced legal professional with deep understanding of both the prosecution and the defense’s procedure in hitandrunDUIcharges which enables him to build very effective defense for his clients.  The courts look very harshly on charges of hitandrunDUI, so it is vital to get a lawyer to defend you that knows every detail of the law and can put together a plan to use those laws to help you and ensure you are fairly represented, and we can help you construct the most complete defense possible against your EnglewoodDUIhitandruncharge.
IyerLawOffice has helped many clients reduce the severity of the penalties of their drunk driving charges, even the ones that include hitandrunwiththeDUIcharge, so we should be the first call you make when you are arrested.