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Attorneys are not all the same. Just because a person is qualified to practice law does not mean they are qualified to help you in your specific case. We have been practicing for 15 years plus as private criminal defense attorneys and a lot of times, we ask our clients how they found us. They will say that we were the closest and most convenient. This is not the best way to choose an attorney. You should first look at the experience of the attorney in cases like yours. If you have a heart problem, you would not go to an eye doctor. If you have an eye problem, you would not go to a spine doctor. Even though each of those doctors were great and experienced in their respective field but not in the specific area of your need. It is a question of subject matter experience.

Within criminal law, an attorney might be more experienced in DUI defense or juvenile defense, for example. They may be experienced in advising on how to defend against an allegation where someone is requesting a protection order against you. These are the areas of law that we practice and that gives us a strong basis for knowing how the processes work and how the system works with the judges and the District Attorneys.

If you come to us with a personal injury case, we will send you to someone else because we are not the right or best attorney for you in your personal injury case. You have to consider an attorney’s experience in the specific field along with how many cases that person has handled in that specific field. What is his reputation? You can go on the internet and search for the attorney’s name, and you will get a whole lot of information. Look at how many reviews other customers have posted.

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Mr. Iyer thanks for taking care of my DUI charges. Because you challenged the officer’s finding I was able to get a fair hearing. I highly recommend Mr. Iyer to anyone who needs their rights and interests protected. 

N. Steward – Aurora

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