With the changes in the law in Colorado regarding the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, you need expert legal representation for illegal grow operation charges in Denver.   There are many fine details regarding what makes a particular grow operation illegal at this point, so the more up to date and complete information your lawyer has at their disposal, the better they can prove to the court that your operation was within the law.   Many people who are growing completely legitimate medical marijuana find themselves charged  with an illegal grow operation and need legal representation because local law enforcement hasn’t caught up entirely with the changes in the law.Most small growers are either growing for their own medical needs or to supply a medical distributor, and Iyer Law Office understands that and knows how to prove that to the court so that you don’t face jail time or fines for growing medicinal marijuana as the law allows.  Since these changes to the law are new, many lawyers may not know the specifics well enough to provide effective legal representation for Illegal Grow Operation charges, but Iyer Law Office is deeply familiar with the details of Colorado’s current cultivation law.