Juvenile criminal charges are not a small matter.  Many people assume that since it is juvenile court, they don’t need to bother with a lawyer, they can just represent their child themselves. Really, juvenile charges can have long term consequences, end up in adult criminal court, and almost always would benefit from an experienced lawyer with knowledge of how the juvenile criminal justice system differs from the adult system.  V. Iyer of Iyer Law office in Denver has experience both defending and prosecuting both adults and minors, so he knows the ins and outs of how charges will proceed in juvenile criminal courts of law.

In many cases, a kid will face juvenile criminal charges for fairly typical teen behavior like vandalism or shoplifting,  and a good lawyer can keep these youthful mistakes from being held against a young person for life, as having a mark on your criminal record can interfere with finding jobs, applying to college and many other aspects of life.  In more serious criminal charges, juveniles may risk being tried in an adult court, and then the potential consequences are drastic.  V. Iyer and our team in Denver can greatly improve your odds of a positive outcome in your juvenile criminal charges.