It can be terrifying when your child is in legal trouble. You do everything that you can to protect them, and then all of a sudden you get a call from the police asking you to come down and discuss your child’s arrest.  The way to protect them then is to get the best juvenile defense attorney Denver has to offer, who can be trusted to have your child’s best interest in mind and will take the time to talk over the details of the charges with your family to organize the most effective defense plan.
Iyer Law Office can do all that, and our experience handling juvenile cases means that we are familiar with the differences in how adult and youth cases are prosecuted and can adjust our plan accordingly.  V. Iyer worked for years as Assistant DA, so he also has extensive experience with how the prosecution puts together their strategies and can effectively counter their attacks.   Many people don’t get an attorney for juvenile defense, because they wrongly believe that these charges are not a big deal and will not stay on their child’s record, but it is vital to get representation for juvenile cases as they can still have major consequences