The stigma of a criminal conviction  or jail time can damage your child. Don’t let that happen. Your child’s bad decisions and youthful mistakes can end up with them in prison. If your child is charged with a violent crime, it can turn into what is called a direct file case. That means your child is tried as an adult, with adult consequences. And that can mean prison. That is why you need V Iyer, a juvenile defense attorney.

Don’t take any chances. You child’s freedom is too important. Your child should not be in prison. Did you know that if your child’s case becomes a direct file case, your child could go to adult prison?  The state can file charges against a juvenile in adult court (district court). The direct file system allows criminal conviction  under certain circumstances to try juveniles who are 14 years or older as adults. This primarily happens in situations where it is alleged that the juvenile committed a violent crime. This can lead to a prison sentence.Some juveniles convicted as adults is for the judge to sentence them to a full adult prison sentence, which is suspended on the condition of successful completion of a sentence at Colorado’s Youthful Offender System (YOS). YOS is a prison program for youth that aims to prepare those convicted under direct file age 14-18, and other felony cases age 19-21, to be productive members of society.

To make sure you have the very best legal representation for your son or daughter, you will need an experienced juvenile defense attorney to help you. Attorney Iyer will fight for your child’s rights. Don’t take any chances. Protect your child’s future and freedom.If you have a child who has been charged with a crime, you need to act immediately and contact the juvenile defense attorney at the Iyer Law Office, so your child will not face the stigma of a conviction or jail time.