One of every parent’s worst fears is that their child will be arrested, and it is something that is hard to predict or prevent.  Even good kids make mistakes, and many will be caught experimenting with illegal behaviors such as drug use.  The court system takes this sort of thing very seriously, and many of those good kids will wind up in the juvenile detention system as a result of their mistakes.
To protect your child in a situation like that, it is important to find an experienced juvenile drug possession defense attorney in Denver who can be trusted to know the law thoroughly and make no mistakes of their own during the legal process.  Often, our firm can help families work with the court system to get their child drug treatment or assessment rather than criminal consequences, or otherwise find ways to lessen sentencing and protecting the child’s record.
A drug charge can seriously affect a young person’s life, and Iyer Law Office can help your family manage the fallout from your child’s arrest.  You can contact us any time through our website or by phone, so don’t hesitate to schedule your consultation if your child is facing drug charges.