In a city as large as Denver, there are a lot of lawyers to choose from, and it can be complicated to find the right one for your particular legal situation.  If you are in need of a criminal lawyer, as opposed to a family law or civil law specialist, then Iyer Law Office is a very smart place to start looking.   We handle all different types of criminal law cases in the Denver area, from misdemeanors such as petty theft, and juvenile crimes to DUI cases and domestic violence to sex crimes and homicide, we have experience with defending the whole wide range of cases, and can provide you a criminal defense lawyer for whatever kind of legal trouble you have found yourself dealing with.

V. Iyer has extensive experience as both a defense lawyer and on the side of the prosecution, as he spent time working as the deputy DA and now he uses his special insight into how the court works from both ends of the bench to be one of Denver’s premier lawyers working today in criminal defense.  Let him bring his experience to your defense, any time you need a lawyer in the Denver area.