Domestic violence and spousal abuse are no longer a private matters. Once a person is arrested and brought before the court the district attorney’s office takes control of the case.  That means that if you are charged with domestic assault and battery, or violation of a restraining order, or any other type of domestic violence, you should hire an attorney well versed in this type of law. When you are looking in Littleton for a DV attorney, call the Iyer Law Firm today.

A skillful defense lawyer can raise issues that may resolve a case without the necessity of going to trial and without the admitting to the charge or pleading guilty. The sensitive nature of these cases makes it all the more important that you retain a battle-tested attorney who will fight for you.
As a former prosecutor, Attorney Iyer has insight to both sides of the courtroom.  He has successfully defended thousands of cases.  We keep our legal skills sharp in all practice areas. We are able to offer quick, efficient solutions to most legal issues.  He will fight aggressively for your defense.  This has made him a trusted DV attorney.  
Domestic violence and the effect it has on the lives of everyone involved, is no longer seen as a private matter.  If you or someone you know is in a domestic violence dispute and need a Littleton DV attorney  call our office to schedule your appointment today.