Misdemeanor petty theft almost sounds like it isn’t a big deal, doesn’t it?  But just because it isn’t a felony and has the word “petty” right in there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still contact a defense attorney for misdemeanor petty theft charges.  Those charges may not put you in jail, but they still can wind up on your criminal record, which can have long term effects on your life if you apply for jobs that require criminal background checks, and a misdemeanor petty theft defense attorney who takes even “small” charges seriously can often help prevent that.

Iyer Law Office is always ready to help work with you to build a strong and effective misdemeanor petty theft defense in Denver, so that you can get fair and accurate representation and avoid a criminal record.    There are a number of effective strategies to reduce, defer or otherwise defend against charges of misdemeanor petty theft, and an experienced firm like Iyer Law Office will find the one that will get you the most likely positive outcome of your court case.  Call our office for a free consultation with a misdemeanor petty theft defense attorney in Denver.