As a parent, it is important to know that a dependency and neglect case may lead to the termination of your parental rights so it is important for you to have a lawyer well versed in this type of law.   If you face parenting loss of rights and need an attorney in Denver, call the Iyer Law Officetoday.  

In cases of neglect in which a child has been abused, neglected or is dependent, are usually initiated by the court after the child has been removed from the home.  The truth is that this type of case can have far greater consequences to you and your family than many criminal cases due to the nature of the state’s involvement in your personal family affairs. You need someone to advocate for your rights as a parent.   If you fear you’re parenting loss of rights, you need us now.
A dependency and neglect charge are often result in complex cases in which the parents or family members need representation during the process.  Our main goal is to create a trusting and solid working relationship with our clients. We will give you straight forward honest answers to all your questions. 
The Iyer Law Office will fight to protect the constitutionals rights of all his clients.  We can offer the aggressive representation you need to win your case.  If you or a loved one faces parenting loss of rights, you need an attorney in Denver, to defend your case. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.