Criminal charges of engaging in prostitution have caused many people embarrassment to the extent that they are unwilling to hire a professional. Fear of intimidation by arresting officer, public humiliation and unsure whether you can truly afford an attorney are some of the main reasons individuals tried to go it alone.  If this is happening to you or someone you care about, do not make the mistake of going into legal proceedings without legal representation. Attorney Iyer of the Iyer Law Firm is a top prostitution defense attorney in Denver.
 A sex crime conviction can change your life forever.  We protect you rights and fight aggressively for the criminal defense you deserve.  Our skilled team will provide you with honest answers to your questions throughout your case.  Understanding your challenges and your options will make the process less formidable.
We respect the difficulties that you face, and we have the experience and knowledge necessary to treat your case in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. Using my years of experience as a former assistant district attorney I will conduct a thorough investigation and seek to identify evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s case or otherwise points to your innocence.
No matter what crime you are charged with, let the Iyer Law Firm provide you with a superior defense strategy. When you need a prostitution defense attorney in Denver, give the professionals at the Iyer Law Firm a call today.