Being arrested for soliciting a prostitute not only brings legal consequences, but can be hugely embarrassing as well if word gets out.  Getting the right lawyer for your solicitation charge in Denver can help you beat your charges and clear your name, or at least get them reduced to something of lower consequence and that is less shameful if it comes to light.

The team at Iyer Law Office has lots of experience defending people accused of all sorts of sexual related crimes such as soliciting, so we have developed many effective strategies for helping people in these circumstances. In many cases, police set up sting operations to lure men into soliciting what they believe to be a prostitute, and if you are caught up in one of those situations there are often ways that the police may not have followed procedure, and we can use that to take apart the case against you.  V. Iyer offers respectful representation in sensitive cases, listening to your entire side of the story and using that to develop the defense it will take to help you.
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