Many people don’t think that you need to hire an attorney for a speeding ticket, and in some ways they are right, you don’t *Need* to, but if you want to have any significant chance of beating or
lessening your charges, it is well worth it to contact a lawyer like V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office in Denver to see how he can help you to reduce the damage from your traffic offense. Consulting an attorney can keep your speeding ticket from affecting your license, by reducing the points taken off, so it is especially important to contact a legal professional if this is not your first speeding ticket.

 An attorney will go over the details of your case and your record and help you find a way to protect your driving privileges and reduce your financial penalty significantly, making it well worth the time and investment to hire a knowledgeable speeding ticket attorney.  V Iyer knows that there is no such thing as a “minor” ticket when it can challenge your right to keep your driver’s license, so we will work just as hard to defend you with your speeding ticket as we would for any other case.