Domestic violence used to be viewed as a private matter between two individuals, usually Denver, call the Iyer Law Office. We treat each and every individual client with the personal attention this delicate matter requires. We keep our legal skills sharp and our knowledge in all practice areas up to date so we are able to offer quick, efficient solutions to most legal issues.
Given the prevalence of domestic violence and the effect it has on the lives of everyone involved, it is no longer seen as a private matter.  In all 50 states and the federal government have passed laws criminalizing domestic violence.  As a former prosecutor, V. Iyer has insight to both sides of the courtroom.  Through his work as a prosecutor he has gained valuable knowledge in all stages of criminal law and strategy, successfully prosecuted thousands of court cases. The Iyer Law Office keeps up to date on Colorado statutes and legal issues with over 450 hours of continuing legal education.
You get straight and honest answers, and we will keep you up to date on the possible outcome.  We will fight for you every step of the way to get an acquittal, not guilty verdict or the best possible outcome based on the facts of your case.  We strive to have a, trusted and long-lasting relationship with our clients, and we will do what it takes to earn it. If you are in a domestic violence situation and need a spousal assault defense attorney in Denver, let our experienced and expert legal defense team help you achieve the best possible outcome.