A suspended license can be an exceptionally serious matter, but it can often be avoided with qualified defense against whatever charges are threatening your driving privileges. In Denver, Iyer Law Office has unique insight and knowledge of the legal system compiled from V. Iyer’s experience as district attorney, which he has now brought to work to defend people like you and help keep your license from being suspended.   Often, even when a court suspends your license, an excellent defense attorney can help to find a way to at least allow you to drive enough to get to and from work with a provisional license, depending on the nature of your suspension.

In many situations, with all other factors being equal, a good defense lawyercan make the difference between a suspended license and keeping your right  to drive by lowering the charges enough to only result in fines or reduce the numbers of points taken off of your license.  The public transit system in Denver may be pretty good, but that doesn’t mean you want to be stuck using it for the length of your suspension, so make sure you get the best defense you can find to help you keep your license.