If your teen is facing assault charges, it is imperative that you find an attorney with specialized knowledge and experience in juvenile law in order to create the strongest possible defense for your child.   A teen with an assault charge or other violent crime is more likely to find themselves facing trial as an adult if they don’t find effective legal counsel.  In Denver, V. Iyer has helped many teens with assault charges to control the legal damage of their situation, avoiding adult court, providing exceptional defense, and getting many teen assault charges dropped or reduced.
Iyer Law Office understands the subtle and complicated differences between adult and teen assault charges, and will work with you and your child to bring all the relevant details of the case to the attention of the court.
Even though they are juvenile cases, your teen’s assault charge can follow them into adulthood on their criminal record, which can affect many of their opportunities as a young adult, including education and employment, so it is important that your lawyer be as competent in juvenile law as is possible, and Iyer Law Office in Denver has the skills needed to help with your teen’s assault charge.