When your teen is charged with drug possession, a lot of emotions run through you in a hurry.  Anger, worry, denial and fear are some of the most common. But no matter how emotionally overwhelmed you may be by your teen’s drug possession charge, the first thing to do is get your head together and find professional legal help.  Iyer Law Office in Denver is here for you, ready to work with you and your child to get all of the information that is relevant to the case and make sure it is fairly presented to the courts.   We have years of experience defending teen drug possession charges in Denver, and that experience means we have lots of knowledge of what strategies and options can work for any particular case.

Many people are so distracted by their anger at their children or concern over getting them treatment that they let their teen face their drug possession charge without adequate representation, but that can just compound the problem, leaving the child with a criminal record that can affect their chances at college and jobs, when a skilled lawyer like V. Iyer could help minimize the long term damage of their child’s arrest.