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Testimonials: Here are just a few of the hundreds of client testimonials that Attorney V Iyer has collected over the years he’s been running his practice.

Two years ago I was caught up in an unfortunate legal situation, being falsely accused of a serious crime . The legal situation was serious as it would have a significant adverse impact on my life, my husband and my two small children. One of our family friends recommended V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office, LLC, Aurora, Colorado, to me. V. Iyer helped me with my case using great skill to get my case dismissed with prejudice without having to spend and preparing for a trial, and I am immensely glad that I hired him as my lawyer for the case. He got me the results that exceeded what I wanted. What I really appreciate was the fact that his charges were very reasonable and he fully earns his fees by putting in work to achieve the desired result for his client. V. Iyer is a thoroughly professional, diligent, and very competent lawyer. He is a true advocate for his client and fully understands the needs and objectives of his client. He is very honest, candid and forthright which is very unusual for the lawyers of today. He not only understands the law, the criminal justice system and process but also has a great insight and ability in handling people. He studied my case in great detail and discussed his strategy with me through out the process. He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable when I talked to him in person. I would certainly recommend him without any hesitation for any legal help.

K. P. D. Highlands Ranch, CO


I am a licensed attorney in good standing in the states of California, Colorado and New York. I have known V. Iyer for approximately15 years, and in my opinion, he is an exceptional attorney, person and friend. Mr. Iyer has been my accountant since the early 1990’s, and has been handling all my tax issues competently and exceptionally ever since. Mr. Iyer is well versed in the Tax Code and tax laws, and manages to save me money every year while keeping me honest and free from audit. Mr. Iyer has provided me with counsel and has helped me in a number of situations pertaining to legal matters. Also, I recently designated Mr. Iyer as my legal expert witness in a case involving a loss of earnings claim, and he did a tremendous job in giving his expert legal opinion. Mr. Iyer is reliable, knowledgeable, thoroughly prepared, a skilled attorney, and is definitely someone you want on your side in any legal matter. Thanks V. for everything and good luck in all your future endeavors!

Jacqueline Brummer, Esq Attorney and Counselor at Law, Englewood


Dear V

You handled all four cases of mine with brilliance. I was facing some heavy time in jail but you got me the very bare minimum with work release. Despite my long bad record you argued to the Judge to give me in-home detention (which you told me was a very long shot) and you even asked that the fines and cost be reduced another long shot). You really gave everything you had to get me the bare minimum under my fact situation. You presented me in the very best light always going to bat for me. You never judged me, treating me like a real human being and you cared so much for me. At the very beginning you were very honest, straight and up front with me. You did not blow any smoke. You told me as the cases stood against me and what to expect. You are indeed a miracle worker for me. Even the Judge said that I was very lucky to have you as my attorney. The Judge also said that she was very surprised that you got me this “sweet-heart” deal. She said that had it not been for you, she would have imposed a heavier sentence. She also said what an excellent attorney you are and I should be grateful and thankful that I had you as my attorney. I definitely am. Your fees were so very reasonable for the extensive work you did on my behalf. I am confident that no other attorney could have done what you did for me. Now I know that the cheapest attorney is not at all the best attorney. You are indeed a god sent. I consider myself so lucky to have found and retained you. V you really are just the very best and you get results (although you do not just make any promise-you always want to exceed expectations) – more than I ever expected you or anyone to get. I will recommend you, without any hesitation, to anyone who needs an attorney.

E.E. Aurora, CO


Dear V

I was facing several years of incarceration with a hostile Probation Officer. He was out to get me. You really calmed him down and vigorously went to bat for me and protected my interests. You were so tactful with everyone involved in my case but you always cared for and looked after my interests. You are indeed a very cost effective attorney. I wish I had met you earlier, I now know you would have got a much better resolution of my earlier case. Thank you so much for your efforts – I did not have to spend a single day in jail and you even got the case against me dismissed. You have done so much for me; I never could have imagined that someone would care so much for me as a human being. V you really are the best and you got results – more than I ever expected you or anyone to get. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an attorney.

F.R. Lakewood, CO

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Mr. Iyer thanks for taking care of my DUI charges. Because you challenged the officer’s finding I was able to get a fair hearing.  I highly recommend Mr. Iyer to anyone who needs their rights and interests protected. 

N. Steward – Aurora

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