Under Colorado law theft charges can be either misdemeanor or felony charges based on the value of the items or money that was stolen.   Basically, theft under one thousand dollars is charged as a misdemeanor, and anything larger is a felony.  Within that, the amount and other conditions of the case determine the severity of the charges, and that’s where your theft defense lawyer comes in.  A strong theft defense case will clearly present any and all mitigating factors of the situation in order to effectively improve your chances of getting your charges lowered.

The most important thing your theft defense lawyer will do is make sure they are getting all of the information that is relevant to your case, and work out the most persuasive way to put that information forward to the court.  V. Iyer has experience building effective theft defense in Denver, helping many clients to prove their innocence or reduce their charges through his extensive knowledge of the law.  It is important to contact us right away if your need defense against theft charges, because the longer they have to build their case against you, the harder it may be to build an effective theft defense strategy for you.