V. Iyer is the top juvenile defense attorney in Denver Colorado, helping families face their child’s criminal charges with the support that they need and a well planned defense.   These days, being underage does not mean that you will not possibly face adult consequences, so it is vital to get a juvenile defense attorney that truly understands the details of the court system and how it handles young defendants.

Your child’s juvenile charges can follow them into adulthood, staying on their record and even interfering with their ability to get into college or find a good job, but with the office of Denver’s top juvenile defense attorney on your side, a way can often be found to defeat those charges, either through rigorously proving their innocence or by negotiating with the courts to give the defendant a second chance and help them with their problem rather than punishing them as an adult.
It can be terrifying for you and your child when they are facing criminal charges, but as a top juvenile defense lawyer, V. Iyer has your back and can guide you through this difficulty so your child can move on and put their criminal charges behind them as they grow.