Facing a vehicular assault charge can be one of the most frightening things you may experience in your life.   Whether you are innocent or not, what occurs while you are before the judge on these charges can affect the rest of your life.  The better the attorney that you have on your side, the more likely you can convince the court that you were not driving recklessly, that it was a simple accident, and that is the primary key that the prosecution relies on to convict for a vehicular assault charge.

Iyer law office in Denver has well developed skill and long term experience in helping people facing charges get the truth of the circumstances surrounding their accident across to the court, to avoid wrongful conviction on vehicular assault charges when the actual situation was an unavoidable accident.  It is up to the prosecution to prove that you were reckless, and V. Iyer knows how to defend against those allegations, because he has spent part of his career working for the DA office, prosecuting criminal cases, so he knows exactly how to counter all of their most common strategies as they attempt to convince the court you were at fault and reckless.