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My name is V. Iyer and I am an attorney with the Iyer Law Office in Englewood, Colorado. We have been in private practice for over 15 plus years and I have been an attorney for over 17 plus years. For about three years, I was a Deputy District Attorney, prosecuting all types of Criminal, Domestic Violence, DUI, and traffic cases. I have a very good idea on how a prosecutor generally thinks and evaluates your case. We know how to present evidence to show you in the best light.

Prosecutors are only looking at paperwork. We have our own methods, which we have developed over nearly 15 plus years, to create a human face for you based on the information you provide. When we get a case, we do not look at you as a number or as a client to make money on. Once we set our fees, it is set in stone. Our word is our bond which you can take to the bank. If it takes longer to do your case, we bear the loss. We do not charge you extra for the additional time it takes because once we take a case, our only objective is to get you the best possible result.

We will always be honest, straightforward, and candid with you. We will never tell you what you want to hear; We will tell you what you must hear and what you should hear, based on all of the facts and circumstances. We will never tell you that you have a great case or a weak case before we have all the information, including discovery. We will try to find out your life history, so that we can create a human face and present you, as a human being, to the District Attorney. We will also ask you to review the discovery and let us know anything that we need to know in addition. Then, we will evaluate the case, strategize, and find out how we can best defend you.

If you have any questions or concerns, remember, Iyer Law Office is here to help. Contact us at (303) 337-0473 or reach out through our website, Iyerlawoffice.com.

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Mr. Iyer thanks for taking care of my DUI charges. Because you challenged the officer’s finding I was able to get a fair hearing. I highly recommend Mr. Iyer to anyone who needs their rights and interests protected. 

N. Steward – Aurora

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